Beginner 1 Class-Thursday 


Advance Teams- Monday 6:30-8:00 pm

Champ Class- Tuesday & Thursdays




School of Irish Dance

Jennifer Moriarty TCRG

​Susannah Moffitt TCRG

Intermediate Class-Tuesday &Thursday

4:30-6:30 pm

Adult Class-Monday 4:30-5:30 pm

Beginner 2 Class-Tuesday &Thursday 


Conditioning Class-Monday 5:30-6:30 pm

(Intermediates & Champs)

MMSID Class Schedule and Times


This class is for ages 5 and Up Beginner.  Dancers who are beginning Irish Dance take this class.  We teach the basics and dancers learn their two soft shoe dances.  They learn how to dance to the beat and stay on time to music.  

A one hour class for dancers who have advanced past the Beginner 1 level. (Teacher's Discretion)  Dancer learn four soft shoes dances and begin the basics in Hardshoe.  They will learn the two Traditional Hardshoe dances!  Dancers start competing at this level. 


A two hour class for dancers who have advanced past the Beginner 2 level.  (Teacher's Discretion)

Dancers begin to learn more advance dances to slower speeds of music.  They will learn their first Traditional Set Dance-

St. Patrick's Day!  Dancers will learn to build strength and work on stamina.


A two hour class for our Champ dancers.  Champ Dancers are MMSID's most advance students.  Champ dancers attend at least two solo classes a week.  (Teacher's Discretion)

Team dancing is group dancing with groups or 8 up to 24 dancers.  Dancers make formations and lines, while performing all the same footwork.  Invitation only

A class for Intermediates and Champs looking to get stronger, focusing on strength training and building stamina.  This class includes Dance Drills, that help each dancer become a stronger and have the competitive edge!

For Adult beginners, we run a "Try It Out" Class every other month for new interested dancers.  Once a Student completes the "Try It Out", then they can join the Adult class held on Mondays.  Please contact us for details on these classes.